KidGab: Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Welcome to KidGab!


Welcome to KidGab, Girl Scouts! KidGab is a social network designed just for you that works much like Twitter. So to write a message to someone else, use the @ symbol, followed by the person’s username. For example, to write to your troop leader, use @troopleader, etc. You can also use hashtags, so if you want to write about how excited you are about a Texas A&M football game, you might say #GigEmAggies!

If you have any problems or issues, contact me. My name is Stephanie Valentine, and my username is @admin (that should be easy to remember). I’ll keep you updated as I add/update/change features.

Create an Avatar that Fits YOU

KidGab is equipped with an avatar creator that allows for thousands of configurations (and counting). There are multiple skin colors, eye colors, eye shapes, hair colors, hair styles, clothing choices, accessories, and, our newest feature: a full collection of mustaches. Whether you’re feeling like a full beard, a handlebar mustache, or a simple soul patch, KidGab’s AvaGab feature has you covered!

Express Yourself!

Kidgab is a sketch-based social network, meaning you can draw sketches and send them to one another! But the sketch is more than a two-dimensional drawing — it plays back the sketch stroke by stroke, creating a much more expressive creative space. Undo, redo, clear, erase functionalities are all recorded, allowing for simple animations. Examples of sketches drawn by actual KidGab users can be viewed below.